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We understand that people who contact DFW Professional Home Buyers oftentimes have unique situations. As professional home buyers, we have created solutions for every need and special circumstance you may encounter when needing to sell your home. One very powerful tool that we possess is called the lease-back and/or transition period.

A “lease-back” is actually fairly common in traditional real estate, but not very desirable for the home-buyer and usually is quite costly for the seller. When a property is sold, the buyer gives the seller a lease, allowing the sellers to remain in the home for a predetermined amount of time. This can be helpful when the seller needs to be relieved of the financial burden of the real estate but needs to continue to live in the home. Oftentimes, a lease-back is used when the seller is needing some extra time to make arrangements for their new place to live. At DFW Professional Home Buyers, we have done lease-backs to help the seller with their unique circumstance. However, more often, we are able to help the seller with a simple “transition period”.

A “transition period” is a unique service provided by DFW Professional Home Buyers that allows the seller to remain in the home for up to a month without any cost to the seller. This service is extremely valuable to the person needing to sell their home fast in several different scenarios:

  • Seller needs cash from sale for moving expenses.
  • Seller needs cash from sale for costs of new place whether renting or purchasing.
  • Seller needs more time to pack and move.
  • Seller needs help with timing of job relocation.

The “lease-back” is used when the seller needs to remain in the home for over a month, and a lease will be signed between the seller and buyer at a negotiable monthly cost. Also, the cost can be built into the purchase price of the home. Anything less than a month, a “transition period” is implemented free of charge to the seller.

If this unique and powerful tool will be of help to you, call us today to discuss how we can make an offer on your home and close quickly!

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